Vinyl Color Chart

  • Please enter the specific and full name of the vinyl color you choose in the Vinyl Color(s) text box on your apparel item listing prior to carting.
  • Note, you may list more than one color to layer multiple colors or choose multiple colors in the design but this may result in a price increases/additional invoice. 

Pro-Lite Vinyl

Glitter Vinyl

Metallic Vinyl

Glitter Sign Vinyl

Chameleon Sign Vinyl

Chameleon Vinyl

Hologram Vinyl

Stretch Vinyl

Special Requests as described below can be requested via the Contact page

  • Sublimation goes on polyester but it also can go on cotton products with a spray. However, it could eventually wash out and I do not recommend it. The lowest I will sublimate images on is the Bella Canvas 48% heather colors.
  • Sublimation is like coloring on construction paper, so if you do not want a bleached shirt understand whatever color you choose may be different than the actual color. White is not a color that shows because there is no ink. This only works with screen printing and direct to garment or direct to film printing which come from white toner printers.
  • I can Sublimate on a specialty vinyl which can raise the price of the product or I can sublimate on glitter vinyl which then can be put on a cotton shirt.